For any businesss to thrive, financial independeceisvery key.


1. Be Less Available

We’ve all become dependent on instant access to anyone via email but being so accessible isn’t to your benefit. Instead, become more independent and check your email a handful of times a day.  Don’t respond immediately if you don’t need to and don’t answer your phone after hours. Your customers will learn your parameters of availability.

2. Take Vacations

Become more independent, your business will survive without you for a few days or weeks, especially if you set it up to do so. Trust in your staff to handle things while you’re gone. You’ll be better for it.

3. Open Your Mind

Don’t become dependent upon defining your company’s capabilities too narrowly, you’ll miss out on great opportunities. Let new ideas come to you through employees, clients and even your own inspiration. See where they take you.

4. Hire Enough Competent People

When an employee quits, it can be a shock, especially if you don’t have a contingency plan to replace them. Become independent and prevent this by 1.) having processes in place to make it easy to train a replacement and 2.) ensure you have enough employees to get the work done, rather than having extra strain on one person who will soon quit from the pressure.

5. See the Future

Don’t limit yourself by what you want your business to accomplish today.  Instead, keep the bigger picture in your mind. Where do you want to be in five, ten or more years? Use this as inspiration for today.

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