Community Development Initiative

Tope Runsewe Community development initiative is a social impact programme focussed on civic engagement and participation, Policy advocacy & enforcement and economic empowerment of individuals within communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Tope Runsewe Community development initiative rests on two major pillars;

  • Civic engagement and participation
  • Policy Advocacy & enforcement
  • Economic empowerment

Inaugurated in 2018 in Lagos Nigeria, Tope Runsewe is spearheading the next civic and entrepreneurial revolution in Africa.

To facilitate and spearhead the rise of Africa and her people, contributing to the political, social and economic advancement of the world.

The Debola Ajayi Foundation

Debola Ajayi is a writer, expert Business analyst, Strategist, seasoned Public Speaker, and the Founding Partner of Business Alliances Ltd. (a Business Consulting firm based in Lagos State, Nigeria) where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant.

He is also the founding partner of the “Debola Ajayi Company,” with Jibike Faborode as a principal partner. She is currently the Country Program Officer, Chevening Awards at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British High Commission, a program by the U.K government which contributes to human capital development across several sectors where she also creates strategic partnerships to advance foreign policy priorities and national development.  

The Debola Ajayi Company is focused on developing social enterprise solutions for Non-Governmental organizations and businesses seeking to develop corporate social responsibility into their framework.

He is also a fellow with The Inspire Africa Entrepreneurship Institute; a joint program by the U.S Consulate, Lagos and the Dickey Center, U.S.A. He is a certified Leadership Expert from The Wharton School Pennsylvania, a certified Business Strategist from Darden Business School, Virginia, and a certified trainer in design thinking by the U.S Consulate, Lagos and the inspire Africa Entrepreneurship Institute.

He is also a fellow with the Young Stars Development initiative, which has consultative status with the U.N Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC] and is in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy [NED] Washington, DC.

He is a certified fund raising and proposal writing for grants expert by Sozo Networks in partnership with Mandela Washington fellowship, the U.S department of State, the U.S Mission to Nigeria and Appalachian State University North Carolina.

Having finished from the University of Lagos as an Economist and interned with members of Harvard Business School, he transitioned to the world of business and has been able to assist young entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria monetize their businesses, improve staff productivity and develop business ideas.

He has served as the Head of Business development at Ultimus Holdings, a next generation company with focused operations in Private Equity, Construction, Property Development, Interior Design and Architecture, Facility management, Entertainment, Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and the Hospitality industry.

He has also served as a business development and sales consultant at Arden and Newton which is a branding, digital experience and communications strategy agency with operations in Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana.

His consulting experience spans several industries, from fast moving consumer goods to physical fitness companies to real estate and construction.

He has worked with other top For-profit and Non-profit initiatives such as The Cuppy Foundation, The WellRose pharmacy Group, The Nigerian-American Chamber of commerce, bringing in his expertise and unique combination of strategy for Profitability and sustainability for these initiatives.

From a pool of 5655 applicants, he was selected as a delegate for the Asia World Model United Nations in South Korea.

He also supports not-for-profits such as the Engraced Lifestyle NGO where he sits on the Board of Trustees to advice on strategic execution of the NGO’s programs.

He is the director of International operations at Include Me Africa, a Non-governmental organization established to mobilize young people in Africa as disability inclusion champions and empowering people with disabilities to achieve their rights to dignity, full participation and purposeful living, within and beyond Africa.

He is a fellow with the African Change makers Fellowship Program which selects impressive African visionaries between ages 25-40 to train and empower them to change their communities positively across Africa and beyond.

He is the founder of Zoe House which is a Non-governmental organization focused on youth leadership development and capacity building of individuals and focus groups.

Spearheaded by Debola Ajayi, a dynamic social entrepreneur, The Debola Ajayi Foundation is an organization that has been set up to combat the social ills of unemployment and poverty through her ideation hub and her flagship fellowship program, designed to empower a specific number of individuals by a quarterly training and incubation system.

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) 

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) is a Non-Governmental Organization composed of young professionals from different fields of human endeavors, coming together under a unified platform to achieve three (3) major objectives, Namely:

Creating sustainable livelihood for young people
Engender purposeful leadership and social democratic inclusion
Encourage young people’s participation in governance and the economic process.
We unite and network with 3 million young Nigerian professionals globally, cutting across 15 country with the largest population of young people in Africa.

From Nigeria to UK and Singapore to USA, Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) spans the globe, connecting young Nigerian Professionals in an international peer network unlike any other. NYPF is a non-governmental organization conceived by a group of young professionals possessed with a conviction in the promotion of innovative ideas for economic and social development and leadership that is accountable, as a means of achieving the aims and objectives espoused by the collective aspirations of the people in Nigeria.

As an organization made up primarily of young, dynamic and upwardly mobile individuals, we intend to harness Nigeria’s economic, political and social resources using contemporary managerial and administrative techniques. We also aim to support governments at all levels, as well as international organizations, in a bid to build a sustainable future for those we see as trustees and custodians of the future of Nigeria.

Ondo State Government 

Ondo State is a state in Nigeria created on 3 February 1976 from the former Western State. It originally included what is now Ekiti State, which was split off in 1996. Akure is the state capital.

The Centre for Gender Equality, Education & Empowerment (CGEEE)

The Centre for Gender Equality, Education & Empowerment (CGEEE) was established in response to the high level of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty amongst women in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to an EFA Global Monitoring report, of the over 59 million out-of-school children of primary school age globally in 2013, 30 million lived in sub-Saharan Africa (UNESCO 2013).

The report further affirmed that sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the largest gender disparities as girls accounted for 55% of all the out-of-school children and 52% of all out-of-school adolescents.

It is sad to note that whereas globally, 41% or 24million of out-of-school children have never attended school and will probably never start, in sub-Saharan Africa, half of the 30 million out-of-school children will never enrol. Unfortunately, 56% of this number are girls who may never enter a classroom (UNESCO 2013).

With little or no access to quality education or entrepreneurial skills, young girls are often forced into early marriages as a means of escaping poverty. Thus, 9 out of 10 women in rural areas are not able to pursue or maximise their potentials, as their dreams and aspirations are prematurely aborted. This invariably impacts negatively on their families, communities and the continent at large as they are unable to make meaningful contributions to national development.

Empowering Women in Society
In view of the poor economic performance within the continent of Africa (with a forecast gross domestic product growth of 4.7 by end of 2017 (UNECA, 2016), increased unemployment rate and the recent adoption of the sustainable development goals by African Governments, the role of women entrepreneurs in advancing Africa’s economy cannot be overemphasised. Indeed, given the opportunity, women have often proven themselves as change drivers! We must therefore join hands in creating equal opportunities and an improved enabling environment for women to start, grow and thrive in businesses.

In our flagship year of 2018, 70 local government constituencies were visited by the tope Runsewe foundation.

The following activities were carried out in these localities

  • Government officials engagement
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Economic empowerment for indigenes classes
  • Stakeholder forum

For this year 2019, we are positioned to reach at least 90 different local government constituencies.

Our objectives are as follows;

  1. Raise a large and dedicated team focussed on ensuring accountability within public organisations
  2. Design and deploy programs focussed on training and equipping a new generation of young leaders
  3. Advocacy and lobbying of lawmakers in producing and enforcing laws focussed on community empowerment and development
  4. Community empowerment centres providing both entrepreneurial and civic participation training programs and support.
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