Making The Most Of Your Weekend

Everyone looks forward to Friday as it ushers in the weekend and allows break away from the stress of work. For many, weekend is a time to unwind from the tension and stress of work and enjoy with friends and family. Most entrepreneurs however find it difficult to take a straight 48 hours break from work every week. Thus they find it hard to spend time to refresh and still stay productive during weekends. Here’s how to make it work:

  • Get your priorities right

Since the mails and meetings are not as much on weekends, you have a freer schedule and more time to yourself. The key to maximizing your weekend however is to plan it ahead. Yes, just like you plan your weekdays, you must ensure that you schedule your weekend before it arrives so that you know whether you’re going to watch a football game or reconnect with loved ones. This helps to ensure that every second is wisely spent and you feel confident on Monday, having maximized your weekend.

  • Be Clear on your goals

In as much as you are to relax on weekends be if you are not clear on your goals I would be very difficult to strike the balance. For example, being a father and a CEO of a company, it would be wise to steal some early hours of the morning to complete an important proposal or restructure your business strategy before your little boy wakes up. This way, you would achieve your professional goals and still be refreshed. Get clear on your top priorities, estimate as realistically as possible how much time they’ll take and then carve that out on your schedule.

  • Blend aspects of your life

According to Stew Friedman, the four key spheres of our life are; family, work, friends and community, health (mental and spiritual). He advises that we take a four way in approve in our activities. This means that as you plan your weekend, endeavor to engage in activities that fulfill you on multiple levels. For example, attend an event for the charity you support with your friends, so you can maximize the impact and socialize with them, too. Getting creative about blending these aspects of your life can help ensure you have more time to spend on the things you care about.

It is very important to ensure that no time is wasted, not even “leisure time”. Be purposeful on maximizing your weekend and you would be excited on motivated for the week ahead.


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