Tope Runsewe Community development initiative is a social impact programme focussed on civic engagement and participation, Policy advocacy & enforcement and economic empowerment of individuals within communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Tope Runsewe Community development initiative rests on three major pillars;

  1. Civic engagement and participation
  2. Policy Advocacy & enforcement
  3. Economic empowerment

Inaugurated in 2018 in Lagos Nigeria, Tope Runsewe is spearheading the next civic and entrepreneurial revolution in Africa.


To facilitate and spearhead the rise of Africa and her people, contributing to the political, social and economic advancement of the world.


 Tope Runsewe Foundation works and has worked with strategic partners over the years.


In our flagship year of 2018, 70 local government constituencies were visited by the tope Runsewe foundation.

The following activities were carried out in these localities

  1. Government officials engagement
  2. Town Hall meetings
  3. Economic empowerment for indigenes classes
  4. Stakeholder forum


For the future, we are positioned to reach at least 90 different local government constituencies.

Our objectives are as follows;

  1. Raise a large and dedicated team focussed on ensuring accountability within public organisations
  2. Design and deploy programs focussed on training and equipping a new generation of young leaders
  3. Advocacy and lobbying of lawmakers in producing and enforcing laws focussed on community empowerment and development
  4. Community empowerment centres providing both entrepreneurial and civic participation training programs and support.